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Fox Hollow is a private full-service equestrian facility in Danville, California. Whether you're interested in riding academy membership or top quality care & training for your performance horse, we would love to welcome you to our facility.




Covered arena with premium textile footing and new custom mirrors 
Outdoor arena with premium textile footing
20 turnouts and daily care service 
10 new luxury "pony palaces" with fully matted paddocks by Castlebrook Barns
New Kraft eurociser and round pen
Special "assisted living" for senior citizens and retirees 
1/2 mile racetrack and access to miles of trails


The health and happiness of our equine residents in the highest priority at our facility. Our horses are treated with the utmost respect and quality care they deserve as our partners and athletes. No corners are cut in regards to their wellbeing. Quality feed, clean stalls, mental health, and an organized training program are essentials at Fox Hollow.


We feed the highest quality Timothy and alfalfa hay available on the West Coast. Horses are fed three times daily with grain service available

Stalls are deeply bedded with fluffy shavings and cleaned twice daily, automatic waterers cleaned frequently 

Multiple equine care professionals on site 24/7 


All horses enrolled in a care program including turnout, eurociser, lunges, hand walks, a full groom daily, blanketing, basic medical care, graining, and more included. 

Ample turnout time, grooming, sunshine, trail access, and lots of love & cookies from our staff

Learn to ride

It all starts with proper horsemanship

The Fox Hollow riding academy provides a comprehensive foundation in the hunter-jumper (English) discipline. We welcome students of all ages 5 years and up. Of utmost importance in our program is the fine art of proper horsemanship, which we believe goes hand in hand with progress as a rider. This is why all beginners start with horsemanship (unmounted) lessons as a prerequisite to saddle time, which first and foremost ensures optimal safety, as well as respect for our equine partner. 

Some aspects of horsemanship include:​

  • Equine behavior, body language, and safety

  • Equine anatomy, health and basic medical care 

  • Basic nutrition and daily care needs

  • Proper use of tack and equipment

  • Thorough grooming and a clean presentation of horse and rider in respect to the animal and tradition of the sport

From this wealth of knowledge and ability, children learn valuable life lessons including selflessness, discipline, responsibility, and the value of hard work. Students thus gain liberating independence, eventually being able to groom, tack up, and care for their horse independently as if it were their own. Upon graduating basic horsemanship classes, students see their hard work pay off with their ultimate goal: time to ride! As they grow in their riding accomplishments, students continue to expand their knowledge in horsemanship topics, becoming the next generation of well-rounded equestrians. 

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Membership Packages

The riding academy at Fox Hollow has three levels, beginning with solid horsemanship basics. Upon graduation to the academy level, students are able to care for their horses independently, at which point membership is billed on a quarterly basis. 


Our enrollment is open again just in time for summer! Space limited.


- Monthly -

  • Required for all new students

  • Unmounted ground lessons only 

  • Covers essential horsemanship topics including safe handling, grooming, basic horse knowledge, care standards, and introduction to the sport

  • 2 packages required to graduate to next level



4-lesson package

45 min privates

- Monthly -

  • Covers assisted tacking and untacking (saddling, bridling)

  • Learn riding basics, develop balance and strength

  • Graduation time varies; rider must be able to independently tack, untack, and care for pony

  • Lessons used within one month



4-lesson package

90 min privates

- Quarterly -

  • Twice weekly minimum requirement

  • Riders tack and untack their ponies independently

  • Membership due every 3 months

  • Lessons rescheduled with advance notice can be made up within the quarter

Choose twice weekly or three times weekly lessons (about 8 per month or 12 per month, respectively)

Modified payment plans upon request

3240/3 months




4860/3 months



2760/3 months


4140/3 months



Please note our riding academy has openings for children only, as we do not offer lesson horses for adult riders, only ponies.

The Fox Hollow Difference: Lesson Horse Welfare

Unfortunately, horses in most lesson programs have a difficult and often neglectful life. They are overworked, ridden when unsound, and sadly do not receive the veterinary care and maintenance they need. Angered with these industry standards, we founded our riding academy to offer a more honorable model and provide our horses with a happy, healthy life with all their needs met. Here are some of many ways that our horse welfare standards are unmatched from any other program in the Bay Area:

  • Daily turnout in the sun with their friends and full grooming

  • Routine veterinary and dental maintenance whenever they need it

  • Our horses will never be ridden if unsound or uncomfortable in any way, and will be seen by a vet immediately  

  • Our horses will receive a proper retirement in our care until their final days 

  • Never overworked, always get days off each week to just be a horse

  • We limit our horses to low-level jumping, and horses don't jump more than 4x a week 

  • Our horses receive optimal nutrition, supplements, and any medications they need 

  • Chiropractic, accupuncture, and bodywork care as needed

  • Balance of physical conditioning and mental health 

  • Horse welfare is always prioritized in all circumstances 


Hunter -Jumper

Fox Hollow Training

Fox Hollow offers ​a holistic and customizable training program with your horse's mental and physical health in mind. The foundation of any successful training program needs to be welfare of the horse, and that will always be our guiding principle. Our goal is for your horse to be comfortable and fit in his body, eager and happy to do his job, and feel loved and appreciated for the unicorn that he (or she) is. Our goal for our riders is to be the absolute very best for our horses, which starts with solid basics, proper horsemanship, and patience for doing things correctly with understanding, humor, and positivity. Our training is focused in the hunter-jumper discipline with a high standard for correct equitation for a beautiful, fun, and effective ride. If these values sound like a good fit for you, contact us to learn more and become a part of the Fox Hollow family.

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Anastasia, also known as Stacey, is an accomplished USDF bronze medal dressage rider and spectacular trainer whose kind and patient training style exemplify professionalism. Stacey is intently focused, detail-oriented, and comprehensive in her dedication to helping her clients reach their goals. Operating with a horses first mentality, Stacey ensures all horses in her program are happy and truly love their job. She has the rare talent of always being incredibly kind and positive while ensuring thorough, constructive instruction for horse and rider. All horses in her program, regardless of age or ability, thrive under her expertise. Stacey offers training for established riders who have their own horse. For all other inquiries, see the riding academy above.

By The Letter Dressage is not currently accepting new clients; to join the waitlist, contact Stacey below. 


By The Letter Dressage




We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your horses and the highest quality education for young riders in the Bay Area. No corners are cut in the vision for our facility, care of our horses, and experience of our riders - we want to be the best we can be. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful community of members and amazing team to work alongside every day to make our dream a reality. Fox Hollow is a place for people who consider their horse a member of their family, not a machine. For those who wish to learn proper horsemanship and honor the animal who does so much for us. For those who realize that hard work, integrity, and discipline pays off in the show ring and beyond. For those who are horse-obssesed kids of all ages, and for those who consider the barn to be their second home. We would love to meet you and welcome you to Fox Hollow!

Michael and Kelsey Kennelly




If you are interested in joining the riding academy, please contact us via email for more information and to schedule your lessons. If you are interested in a training program, please contact trainer directly. 



Boarding is offered on a referral basis only by existing boarders and trainers. All boarders must be in full training.



Please note that Fox Hollow is a private facility open only to members and residents. Please contact us should you wish to schedule a tour. We would love to welcome you to the Fox Hollow family! 

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